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May 5, 2014 Mickey Rausch

You sign up for a hot new FREE app. You give it a whirl. You get stuck somewhere. You make a note to ask for some guidance. You forget. We’ve all been there. There are a lot of great tools to use, but who has the time to figure out the ins and outs of every app you download?

As the lead support person for our free application, Quill Engage, I see questions of all kinds coming through our help desk and thought I would take this opportunity to answer those I see most frequently. I will be addressing these questions regularly, so make sure you check back often!

How much data does Quill Engage need to generate a report?

Quill Engage requires that your website have a minimum of 20 sessions for the past two time periods (either weeks or months) to receive a report. If that threshold is met, Quill Engage will dynamically determine and report on whichever pieces contain enough data.

What data does Quill Engage use to generate insights?

Currently, Quill Engage uses the Google Analytics Reporting API to write about site traffic, including referrals and paid search through integration with Google AdWords, page performance, and important audience segments (including geography and mobile).

Is my data secure?

Quill Engage uses Google authentication through OAuth 2.0 to make sure only you can access your reports. Your Google Analytics profile data and reports are not shared with anyone outside of the email recipients you set up to receive reports. Narrative Science archives your completed reports, so you can reference them ongoing.  We do not store or use any of the underlying data used to create the reports. Quill Engage only reports on and does not edit any of your Google Analytics data or settings.

How does Quill decide which data to show?

Currently, Quill is designed to find interesting insights related to Sessions, Traffic Sources, Page Performance, Paid Search, Geographies (Countries, Regions, and Cities), New and Returning Visitors, and Mobile Visitors. Through our proprietary artificial intelligence software, Quill determines which insights are most interesting in those categories and presents the report.

How do I set up email reports?

You can have reports emailed to you on a weekly or monthly basis by going into your dashboard and clicking on the settings “gear” icon. There you will also be able to add additional recipients.

Why can’t I see any Google Analytics profiles?

Quill Engage can only see the Google Analytics profiles that are authorized for the email address for which you signed up for the service. Log into your Google Analytics account to make sure you have profiles associated to your account.

Why are all of my profiles named “All Web Site Data?”

Quill Engage uses the Google Analytics View name as the Profile name within the Quill Engage application, as well as the subject line for our emailed reports. If all of your Profiles are showing as “All Website Data”, it is because that is the default name in Google Analytics for each View or Profile created.

You can change the default name in Google Analytics to be something more specific to the site you are analyzing. To do this, log into your Google Analytics account and go to “View Settings”.

Once you have changed the View name in Google Analytics, your Profile names in the Quill Engage application as well as the subject line of the weekly/monthly emailed reports will be updated with the new View name.

There is a lot to learn about your site’s data from Quill Engage! We invite you to sign up for the app at www.quillengage.com.  And, we are always appreciative of feedback, so please send your thoughts to us at quillengage@narrativescience.com.

Mickey Rausch is the Lead Support for Quill Engage Narrative Science. Connect with Mickey on  and Twitter.

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