Disruption or Displacement: Wealth Management Trends

July 14, 2015 Mary Grace Glascott

“Disruption, when it happens, happens very fast.”  This quote, from the recent Wall Street Journal article, “Can You Tell the Difference Between a Robot and a Stock Analyst?”, is a solid synopsis of the current state of affairs in Wealth Management. Previously the sole domain of traditional firms practicing traditional fee-based financial advising, new entrants, from robo advisors to data aggregators, have altered the landscape quickly and abruptly.

In this new reality, financial advisors are wondering what the future holds for them, firms touting digital platforms are wondering how to increase client engagement, and robo advisors are wondering how to improve client conversion, all amidst increasing customer and regulatory demands.

Aite Group analyst, Bill Butterfield, and Narrative Science Product Manager, Kim Neuwirth, discuss how wealth management is dealing with, and responding to, this era of disruption in the webinar “Wealth Management Trends: Competing on the Client Experience through Innovation”, held on July 16th.

During this webinar, Mr. Butterfield reviews his recent research regarding how firms are prioritizing their technology investments to address these specific trends: ​demands to improve the client experience, dependence on innovative technology to compete and desire to show immediate value to their client base.  

The webinar also explains how Narrative Science Quill is equipping firms and advisors with personal engagement tactics via on-demand access to natural language recommendations and client-facing portfolio performance summaries.

The WSJ article concludes with a quote from Cornell University Assistant Professor Kenneth Merkley regarding this disruptive landscape: ‘ “Anyone that doesn’t bring something to the table” will be displaced.’  Embrace disruption or displacement? That will be a question many firms will need to ask themselves.

View the webinar!

Mary Grace Glascott is a Product and Content Manager at Narrative Science.  Connect with Mary Grace on LinkedIn.

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