The Word on the Street about Quill Engage

October 1, 2015 Kate Furey

Not to toot our horn (toot toot!), but since the launch of the newly enhanced Quill Engage, we’ve been fortunate enough to be featured in some really great articles and blog posts.

Below I’ve listed a handful of these posts, many of which include references to other wonderful tools and applications that marketers love!

23 Social Media Tools That Experts Use to Streamline Their Marketing
By: @neilpatel
Highlight: In plain English you can understand the important changes that happened on your website. And it is completely free.

Maximize Your Google Analytics with These Helpful Add-Ons
By: @Kaleighf
Highlight: Quill Engage uses artificial intelligence to analyze your Google Analytics information and then transforms it into natural language reports that are easy to understand. Using this add-on, you can set up weekly and monthly email reports for different metrics, or run reports on demand.

Quill Engage: Google Analytics Help for the Busy Business
By: @mike_gingerich
Highlight: The tool can help you understand all the different data sets that pour through Google Analytics. Because Google tracks so many different types of data, it can be difficult to make sense of it. Quill Engage simplifies the data so it’s less confusing.

8 Powerful Marketing and Web Tools for Savvy Entrepreneurs
By: @jeff_haden
Highlight: Quill Engage generates, and delivers to your inbox, weekly and monthly reports with easily understandable narratives communicating key metrics: content engagement, web traffic and sources, referrals, paid search, and audience segmentation. It’s great stuff that highlights key performance drivers and provides actionable recommendations.

Marketing Resources for 2016: Old School meets New Cool
By: @KikiSchirr
Highlight: More a tool than a network, Quill Engage sends a user simplified page traffic data. So if you’re looking to get a client set up for the future and they don’t seem to be “getting” Google Analytics, this simpler version might be perfect.


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