Why You Should Set Goals in Google Analytics

October 22, 2015 Mickey Rausch

“What gets measured, gets managed” - Peter Drucker

I first heard this quote by management icon, Peter Drucker, in a business course years ago. It reminds us that in order to improve performance, you must understand the metrics, what areas need improvement and where the opportunities lie.

But sometimes WHAT to measure is the bigger question. Especially when it comes to the overwhelming number of website metrics available in Google Analytics.

Why You Should Set Goals in Google Analytics

When it comes to understanding the success of a business, especially a business with a functioning website, many small business owners simply look at the end result of their website.

For example, maybe the focus is on the number of leads generated leads or sales registered.

These conversion statistics are extremely important, but reaching this end result can be a long journey. The more we understand about the customers’ different stops on this journey, the more informed marketers we will be, and the better we will understand how our target customers are interacting with us.

This is largely why we made the decision to start adding in Goals and Event tracking data to our Quill Engage reports.

We wanted to tell a bigger story.

This might be the story of how many more people signed up for your email newsletter this month compared to last month. Or the story of how many people viewed your new company video. These users may need to visit your site multiple times and engage in various ways throughout their journey before they ultimately decide to purchase your product or reach out for more information.

We are lucky to have such a wonderful, free, robust tool in Google Analytics that allows us the flexibility to measure such things. And the power of Quill Engage to help you manage them.

For more information on how to set up your website Goals in Google Analytics, you can refer to their guide located here.

To learn more about Quill Engage, visit www.quillengage.com or reach out to us directly at quillengage@narrativescience.com.

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