Get the most from Quill Engage: Download & edit reports in Google Drive

October 28, 2015 Kate Furey

Quill Engage is a simple tool. We designed it that way for ease of usability and because, let’s face it, Google Analytics is complicated enough!

However, we’ve recently added some awesome new features that, although easy to utilize, do require a little work setting up in the application. And by little, we mean 2-3 minutes tops!

But time is precious, which is why we’ll be publishing a blog series devoted to explaining new product features and the process of setting them up.

Let’s get started!

Downloading Quill Engage Reports to Google Drive

We realize that you may need to edit your Quill Engage reports before sharing them with colleagues or clients. Whether that means incorporating them into larger reports, or pulling specific sections to highlight, downloading reports as Google Docs allows you to do all this and more.

Downloading reports to Google Drive is available for all Quill Engage users. Simply login to Quill Engage and visit one of the two sections below.

#1 Report Overview Section

In the report overview section, your latest 5 reports are available for viewing within the application and for downloading to Google Docs.

Simply click the Google Drive icon to the right of the report you’d like to download.

Google Drive.png


When the file is available in Drive, you’ll see “Click here to view” which will be hyperlinked to your Drive Doc.

#2 Archive Section

All of your Quill Engage reports (since our launch in early September) are available in the archive section. The process to download individual reports as Google Docs is the same here as above, just with a larger selection!

Drive 2.png

Once you’ve downloaded your reports as Google Docs, you now have the ability to customize reports, collaborate with colleagues, store reports in a shared environment and much more.

Have more questions on Quill Engage product features? Feel free to email us with questions anytime.

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