Employee Spotlight: Pia Opulencia

November 17, 2015 Amelia Carpenter

Our Employee Spotlight series is an opportunity to get to know some of the Narrative Science employees and as you get to know our team, you’ll learn more about Narrative Science and the reason that our customers cite 'our people' as one of the top reasons they choose to work with us. This month, we spoke with Pia Opulencia, our Director of Product Management.

Pia OpulenciaHow did you end up at Narrative Science? 

I’ve always been interested in the convergence of data, communication and technology innovation. I began my career as a data analyst in a call center-consulting firm; my main responsibility was to help clients figure out how to offer a better customer experience. As time went on, I realized that I favored the product delivery process and moved into product at a local technology company, kCura. After meeting Narrative Science’s Vice President of Marketing, Katy De Leon, at an event, she alerted me to an open product position at the company. Given how compelling the vision is at Narrative Science, I couldn’t say no to the job; 3 years later and I’m still happy about my decision.

What’s the best part about working here?

In my opinion, it is the problems that we’re trying to solve with the offerings we are taking to market. We’re at a time when companies’ data production is at an all time high, but how do they turn that into smart, meaningful insights to make people’s lives better? To some, solving that problem might be an audacious, lofty goal, but the constant drive to answer that question is what keeps me energized.

That same hunger also feeds into the team environment, we’re all united under this overarching goal and it keeps everyone excited about coming into the office each day. At Narrative Science, you can be on any team, whether it is product, engineering, sales or marketing, everyone is here to help solve this problem and each individual is integral to making it happen.

How do you continually stay inspired in your work?

By constantly reading and learning. I read about what our customers want and about where their businesses are headed. What are their current problems and pain points? Can our platform, Quill, solve their problems? We’re seeing so many places that Quill can be plugged in to help with various business challenges whether it’s health, financial, or operational-related.

What’s your favorite thing about Chicago?

That’s a tough question for me…how much time do we have to answer? Haha. Really though, it’s all I’ve ever known, it’s home to me so it is hard to pick one favorite thing. Chicago offers so much to do. The variety of activities available makes any hobby a reality and makes it a pretty amazing place to live. You can take a pottery class, you can go rock-climbing, you can eat some of the best food in the world, you can go to the opera. With so many options of how to spend your time, it makes for a very dynamic and fulfilling lifestyle.

What is one thing that people may not know about you?

I’m very passionate about cooking, and my favorite thing to make is chocolate truffles. I was inspired by a recipe on the back of a Ghirardelli package one Christmas, and I haven’t stopped since! I like experimenting with new recipes, but my favorite one to make is what I call the “breakfast” truffle. It’s a tiny waffle filled with maple butter enclosed in rich dark chocolate.

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