NLG Solutions: 5 Reasons Your Business Needs Natural Language Generation

February 25, 2016 Katy De Leon

Natural Language Generation Solutions

There are many reasons our customers have decided to implement NLG solutions. As the landscape of AI-powered technology can be a bit overwhelming, I’ve rounded up the main reasons here in the hopes that it will help you decide whether or not a natural language generation (NLG) solution is right for your organization.

Create More Opportunities to Generate Revenue

Of course you’d like more revenue (wouldn't we all!), but what if you could do it by simply applying NLG to data you already have? Organizations today are amassing data from everywhere and there are many untapped opportunities to monetize this data.

Our customers have used NLG to create new information products to sell to their customers, or they have added narratives to existing products and services for an up-charge. Here is a great example.

Communicate at Scale

Humans can’t scale. There’s really no getting around it. So, why not leverage software that can do what humans can do, but at scale? If your company does any kind of reporting, NLG technology can understand how you do it, do it well and do it at a more frequent cadence than would be possible manually.

The narratives produced by Quill, for example, are also less error-prone, free of bias, and of high quality. 

Improve Operational Efficiency

My bet is that most of your employees don't like reporting. Looking at spreadsheets, interpreting charts and graphs, and writing up results are arduous tasks. NLG solutions eliminate time-consuming data analysis and manual reporting processes so that your employees can focus on more strategic, high-value activities.

Think of the productivity improvements you could achieve in your organization by eliminating just one hour of each person’s time every week spent on data analysis and reporting. In a department of 20 people, that’s 1040 hours a year. You could be saving 26 full weeks, or half a year of time, to focus on other things!  

Enhance Customer Engagement

Now that you are capturing tons of information about your customers, how are you using it to serve them? And, how can you achieve this level of service with each one? NLG solutions allow you to deliver personalized, easy-to-read information to all of your customers -- and the content sounds like a human wrote it.  

And, I don’t mean personalized as in “Dear [NAME].” I mean personalized in that the communication contains information about that person that is only relevant to that person because it is generated using the data about that person. With this type of engagement, your customers will know you know who they are, and in turn, will be more engaged with your brand.  USAA is achieving this by automating personalization.

Accelerate Time to Market

Everyone has competitors.  How do you stay ahead?  NLG solutions allow you to produce data-driven content faster - whether scheduled or on the fly -  and quickly deliver information that your customers want.  

For example, if you enable your sales team or distribution channel with up-to-date, data-driven information whenever they need it, they will have better conversations with clients and prospects, leading to a higher probability of success.  

If your marketing team needs to publish data-driven content to your website, NLG technology enables them to do it faster than your competition. Here is an example of how an entire industry is transforming and benefitting with NLG.

To learn more about how Advanced NLG can help your organization, download our white paper:

Automated Analyst White Paper
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