Announcing a New Collaboration between Microsoft and Narrative Science

April 26, 2016 Stuart Frankel

Narratives for Power BI Extension

I am thrilled to announce a collaboration with Microsoft and the launch of Narratives for Power BI, a new extension available to Power BI users.

Microsoft Corp. has a long history of developing analytics products, and Power BI has quickly become an industry leader. With an extremely attractive price point, seamless connectivity to a multitude of data sources, and the ability for all users to get up and running fast, Power BI is a true testament to the definition of modern business intelligence by making BI accessible to all.

Narratives for Power BI

With the addition of our Advanced Natural Language Generation (Advanced NLG), over five million Power BI users can now receive intelligent narratives that automatically explain the insights from their data in natural language. These narratives:

Tell stories from all available data 

Narratives can be generated directly from the impressive array of connected data sources that Power BI offers, and can be used to uncover trends hidden in visualizations.

Provide interactive and smart analysis

Dynamic narratives continuously update as the user interacts with their data and visualizations, providing natural language insights driven by descriptive, diagnostic, and predictive analytics.

Can be easily customized and shared 

Users can easily adjust the narratives according to their preferences and share their narratives with others.

narratives for power bi screenshot

Put simply, this collaboration not only enhances and amplifies the user experience for customers of Power BI but also further drives the democratization of information, where users don’t need to interpret data and visualizations -- they simply need to read.

Download Narratives for Power BI today

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