"Human Language is the New User Interface"

June 21, 2016 Katie Hughes

This quote comes from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, who is speaking to the tech giant's strategy that is centered on the idea of "conversation as a platform," which Nadella describes as "the power of human language applied to all computer interfaces."

"Conversation as a platform" can manifest in many forms, including digital personal assistants that effortlessly find and share information ("Siri, where's the nearest Target?") to chatbots that easily perform everyday tasks (see Slack's vision for bots who can request your vacation approval).

At the core of these systems is language-- language that is easy to comprehend, empowers the user with knowledge, and enables action. At its essence, "conversation as a platform" is about engaging with the user on their terms, ultimately streamlining the process of acquiring insights and therefore increasing productivity (Note: a platform focused on engagement and productivity? LinkedIn. Nadella refers to Microsoft's $26.2 Billion purchase as “key to our bold ambition to reinvent productivity and business processes.”)

Generating Insights and Narratives for Thousands of Businesses

We've been thrilled to collaborate with Microsoft on Narratives for Power BI, our custom extension for Microsoft's popular and accessible business analytics suite that automatically transforms Power BI-connected data into insightful narratives. In just a few weeks, Power BI users have used Narratives for Power BI to generate thousands of stories about their business, uncovering relationships in data not obvious when looking at a spreadsheet or chart alone.

Instead of spending time interpreting data, deciphering visualizations, and explaining insights to others, Power BI users can now simply read these insights in natural language explanations. Narratives for Power BI is helping users reinvent productivity and business processes, all through the power of human language.

Narratives for Power BI Scatterplot

We've recently enhanced Narratives for Power BI to include support for scatter plots (see above) and the ability to derive deeper insights from visualizations that have multiple dimensions.

If you haven’t already, you can download the extension for Narratives for Power BI for free here.

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