What Makes a Good SEO Product Description?

September 6, 2016 Natalie Murray

SEO Product Descriptions

Good things happen when your product descriptions follow common SEO guidelines — your website shoots to the top of the search results, which drives consumers to the most relevant product pages and finally results in a happy, purchasing customer.

So why aren’t more companies acting on this? Many have an SEO strategy in place, but product descriptions are typically an afterthought.

Retailers don't realize it, but product descriptions can drive SEO.

It’s the final and most important step before customers make a purchase decision and is a necessary component to increase conversions. It’s simple — a static product description is a sure way to move down the search rankings, and including an optimized SEO product description will quickly move you back up.

So what is a good product description?

It’s hard to stay up to date with Google’s frequent changes to its algorithms, but there are a few components that make a top-notch SEO product description:

1) Keep the content fresh 

The more frequently you update the content, the higher indexing on Google (i.e. Google will look at your site more frequently to evaluate content).

2) Write about what the consumer cares about 

Google evaluates content based on intent and relevancy so random words won’t help. Make sure to accurately and comprehensively describe the product without “keyword stuffing” (inserting several keywords in your content to fool Google into a higher search ranking).

3) Variability is crucial 

Avoid repeating similar descriptions across product categories, use unique descriptive words and begin/finish the content in various ways.

4) Automation is essential

This all sounds great, but who has time to devote to writing the perfect SEO product description? Quill, our advanced NLG platform, can write high-quality, on-brand SEO product descriptions at massive scale, exactly as if a human wrote it. With a simple request, Quill can keep the content fresh by writing several new versions in seconds.

When you follow these guidelines, you’ll have a product description that is SEO-optimized, appeals to your consumers’ needs/wants and puts you in Google’s good graces above competitors. You definitely don’t want to miss out.

If you’re interested in learning more how Advanced NLG can solve your e-commerce challenges, read our white paper, “Increase Website Traffic and Purchases with Automated Descriptions”.

Automated Product Descriptions

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