Qlik and NLG: Better Together

October 5, 2016 Stefanie Mahan

Narratives for Qlik NLG

From my conversations with enterprise companies over the past few months, they are spending millions of dollars on BI deployments but still struggling to get their employees to use the tools. In fact, according to Gartner VP Cindi Howson, BI adoption remains flat as a percentage of employees at about 22%.

So, why is this happening? Is it your organization? No. Is it your consulting firm? No. Then what’s the problem?

The problem is data—it’s just hard to understand. Anyone who has worked with data over the past decade can tell you that modern business intelligence tools have greatly improved the ability of organizations to access the heaps of data they have on hand through quick, easy-to-create, impactful visualizations.

Despite access to these visualizations and the ability to interact with the data in dashboards, many users of BI still find that distilling the most relevant information from the set of data can be tough, time consuming, prone to user error, technically complex, or all of the above. Why?

The Challenge of Understanding Data

Numeracy (the ability to understand and work with numbers) and data literacy vary widely, both in society and within our organizations. As a proof point: Did you know that the majority of the US population scores below proficient in numeracy according to EducationNext.Org? So what’s the solution?

Well, “for many of us, the spoken and written word is still how we best understand information.”

The emergence of technologies such as advanced natural language generation (Advanced NLG) are helping to cure the need for data literacy by enabling automated data storytelling via integrated, intelligent, and dynamic narratives or as we call it, Narratives for Business Intelligence.

How Narratives for Qlik Can Help

Specifically, let us look at Narratives for Qlik, a product born out of a partnership with data visualization leader, Qlik. Distilling true insights from data in easy to understand language can now be done in a matter of seconds as Advanced NLG analyzes the data and only surfaces the most relevant insights via narrative.

The user can determine how they prefer to consume their information—via the viz, the narrative, or both! Similarly, communicating these insights out into the organization is painless—a user simply copies and pastes the narrative and the visualization into another application (E.g., Word, Powerpoint, email, etc.) and sends it off to their team.

Finally, when the organization has questions on the insights, as they always do, the user has a programmatic, traceable source to point back to, helping to eliminate the possibility of manual error.

I have always been a subscriber to the philosophy that I should work smarter, not harder. Narratives for Qlik embodies this philosophy by enabling business users, analysts, and data scientists to all work more efficiently. As Bernard Marr, Big Data thought leader puts it, “management dashboards and analytics will never be the same again.”

Save your company from succumbing to the plague of failing BI deployments. Work smarter, not harder. Let modern technology do the leg work so your team is free to deliver value-packed insights and impact the bottom line.

Try Narratives for Qlik Sense today! It’s data visualizations with a side of dynamic narratives.

Narratives for Qlik Download

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