What’s New in Narratives for Qlik 1.5? Histogram Stories, Currency Options, and CAGR Analysis

November 15, 2016 Jamie Lu

Narratives for Qlik 1.5

At Narrative Science, we’re always asking ourselves: how can we help those who use Narratives for Qlik be even more productive and empower everyone to understand data insights that drive their businesses forward?

To answers these questions, we turn to our loyal users, as they provide us with valuable feedback that shapes our product roadmap. Since we launched, we’ve been busy talking to users, analyzing survey feedback, and conducting tests. Our users love the automated advanced analytics and options that allow them to personalize narratives so it speaks the language of their business.

Today, we’re unveiling features that will enhance a user’s experience creating powerful, intelligent stories with Narratives for Qlik. The new features include:

Stories for an additional chart type: histograms

Histograms are like bar charts — except each bar represents a range of data. New stories about histograms highlight interesting trends across the various bars and areas where data points are most concentrated.

histogram narratives

The ability to choose from over 50 currency formats

British pound? Japanese Yen? Mexican Peso? We have it all for our global users that utilize Narratives for Qlik and analyze all different types of currency. Narratives for Qlik adds the chosen currency symbol, such as $, in front of numerical data that’s relevant.

Additional analytics about line graphs and bar charts

Narratives for Qlik now performs CAGR analysis, which identifies annual growth rate over a set period. There are also enhanced insights specific to cumulative line charts and insights specific to correlation and regression analysis for bar charts.

"The way Narratives for Qlik describes data and visualizations is simply amazing. Each new release provides users with even more tools to analyze trends more efficiently and receive actionable insights."

- Surendra Masupalli, BI Applications Analyst, SABMiller Limited

Haven't tried Narratives for Qlik yet? Download it at the link below:

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