FactSet Alliance Elevates Client Reporting to a New Level

February 8, 2017 Lee Hansen

FactSet Narrative Science

As a member of the Client Services or Marketing team, quarter end is an extremely busy time. From analyzing data, compiling findings and results into a presentable format and distributing for client consumption, the commentary creation process on portfolio strategies can take weeks. And, of course, it must be completed on a tight deadline. Just when you feel relieved, this time and resource-intensive process begins again.

Luckily, Narrative Science and FactSet, a global provider of integrated financial information, analytical applications and industry-leading service, joined forces so you can spend more time on high value tasks and less time managing data for the client’s analysis.

Combining FactSet's best-in-breed analytics and publishing capabilities with Quill™, Narrative Science’s Advanced Natural Language Generation capabilities, FactSet users can automatically generate commentary alongside their portfolio analysis, directly within the FactSet Publisher platform.

With two powerful resources in one, users can:


In a high-volume and rapidly scaling industry, Asset Managers face heavy pressures to meet portfolio commentary quotas. It could take a week or more to pull data, distribute it to the correct writing teams and assign resources to compose the portfolio commentary. Quill addresses these bottlenecks by enabling FactSet users to compete the first draft of the commentary within seconds, exponentially scaling productivity and decreasing the time it takes to get reports out the door.

Stylize Outputs

With Quill, FactSet users can change the output of the commentary based on the client’s needs. For example, Portfolio Managers and Sales teams tend to prefer abbreviated commentary with a bulleted format, internal marketing and RFP teams prefer a MDFP for a standard - yet concise - explanation of what drove fund performance, and investment writers prefer prose with a deeper analysis to leverage for custom commentary. With the new partnership, FactSet users can automate narratives in all three styles.

Achieve Compliance and Consistency

Consistency and compliance are top concerns when creating reports. The commentary generated from Quill not only achieves consistency across strategies and SMAs,but it adheres to compliance best practices associated with client reporting and provides full transparency into how and why it wrote what it did.

Check out this infographic or view our Asset Management solution page to learn how the alliance between Narrative Science and FactSet can help you streamline your portfolio commentary process.

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