What's New in Narratives for Qlik 1.6? Tailored Stories for your Audiences

March 2, 2017 Katie Hughes

Without context and relevance, data and facts can overwhelm anyone, especially those who lack the time or skill to read between the lines and tell the story behind the numbers.

Seeing a story come alive enables people - whether senior management, other employees, or customers - to focus on what’s going on instead of being bogged down by intricate details and numbers.

But, how do you tell a captivating story that helps people make strategic decisions that matter?

How to Tell a Great Story about Data: Keep information simple and relevant to your audiences

Today, we’re unveiling an exciting Narratives for Qlik feature that allows you to further tailor narratives to help you and your organization instantly communicate what matters most.

Now, you can choose the amount of detail you want to communicate by removing and reordering narrative content right inside the dashboard. Simply click the insights you want to share, cross out what you want to remove, and drag and drop sentences to change the order in which they appear in the final output.

Whether you showcase the entire analysis or simply the three most pertinent bullet points, Intelligent Narratives will still dynamically update as users interact with your charts and graphs while remembering the content you previously removed and reordered.

Try Narratives for Qlik to help your organization make smarter, faster business decisions >>

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