Quill Engage User Q&A: TK421 Digital

December 2, 2014 Mickey Rausch

This week, we’re highlighting Quill Engage user Michael J. Kovis. Kovis has been obsessed with the creation and optimization of websites since the mid 90’s. He taught himself most of what he knows by “stumbling through the internet with an excessive curiosity”, as his LinkedIn profile explains.

While his background is in web design, he has worked in-house and for several digital agencies, where his main goal was to deliver “the highest in customer satisfaction to each individual client.” His experience led him to found TK421 Digital in May 2014, a St. Louis-based digital marketing firm.

Judging by the name of his new company, he’s a Star Wars fan, but says mostly he’s interested in having some fun with his work and marketing the agency. Michael’s team is focused on building out digital marketing strategies that drive sales and generate leads for his clients. TK421 Digital offers a variety of digital marketing services that includes (but not limited to): web design and development, SEO, PPC, content management, conversion rate optimization, and social media marketing.

Q: How important is Google Analytics to your everyday work?

A: It’s the most important factor. Google Analytics is the most important part of the strategy in the [marketing services] industry, and has been since Google acquired Urchin back in 2005. Usually I’m in there every day. I like to extrapolate as much information as I can to tell a story about performance: What are the strategies? How is your traffic engaging? How are people interacting with your website?

Q: What is your biggest pain point using Google Analytics?

A: It’s hard because a lot of clients want to get hands on, but the dashboard is hard for them to understand. I wish there was something that was a little bit easier that Google Analytics could provide for a novice so they could get to a point where they don’t need any help.

Q: Do you have any strategies or tools you’ve used that help you save time spent in Google Analytics?

I’ve recently started to use Agency Metrics along with Quill Engage. It’s been the perfect marriage. I love using some tools like AWR (Advanced Web Ranking), but there is still a lot of manual labor involved.

Q: How do you use Quill Engage?

I’m using the Quill Engage reports verbatim to use as my executive summary in Word. Then, I export to PDF and combine the Quill Engage report with the Agency Metrics reports.

Q: How would you quantify the value of Quill Engage? For example, how much time are you saving as a result of using the tool?

A: It’s significant. To give you some perspective, at the previous agency where I worked, reporting on 25+ clients was eating up my entire first week of the month. Now, I can sit down and do some detailed reporting, and it’s done within a half hour. It’s awesome. The struggle for any agency is the reporting, and doing it well. There are a lot of tools that can help with reporting and performance, but a lot of them miss the mark.

Q: If you had to sum up your experience with Quill Engage in a few sentences, what would you say?

A: Life changing.

By Mickey Rausch. Mickey is the Lead Support for Quill Engage at Narrative Science. Connect with Mickey on Google+ and Twitter.

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