3 Women in Tech

November 6, 2014 Kate Furey

A demographic I find inspiring at Narrative Science is that nearly 30% of our employees are women; somewhat of an anomaly for a software technology start up. Women are also represented in every department, from Business Development to Editorial, Engineering to Product Development (and of course Marketing – but that goes without saying).

The women working at Narrative Science aren’t here to fill a quota. They are here because they are smart, creative and driven individuals that are passionate about our mission; to enhance human productivity and make people smarter.

But don’t take my word for it.

Read how these three female Narrative Science employees make an impact both internally and within the Chicago tech community.

Jenny O’Neil is a software engineer, focused on back-end development of our Quill platform. When she isn’t solving complex problems at NS, she volunteers at the Chicago branch of the national organization, Girls Who Code. Jenny donates her time teaching coding to a group of high school girls, in addition to advising them on careers in software development. From personal experience, Jenny believes the main reason girls hesitate to pursue a computer science or engineering degree is the lack of exposure prior to college, a challenge Girls Who Code works to overcome.


Content Architect, Ambika Seshadri, has been at Narrative Science for over 3.5 years (so basically forever!). Referred to around the office as the “Quill Whisperer”, Ambika graciously opens her schedule on a weekly basis to provide Quill Office Hours: an opportunity for any Narrative Science employee to pick her brain on all things Quill. Additionally, Ambika recently co-ran a company-wide Quill training, teaching every employee how to generate a narrative from the platform.


Margaret Jastrebski is our Vice President of Product, who, in between running the Narrative Science Product team, finds time to give back to the Chicago tech community. As a 15-year veteran in the Chicago tech scene, with over 10 years of product experience, Margaret shares her expertise and knowledge with emerging entrepreneurs at 1871 Office Hours.


Kate Furey is a Marketing Manager at Narrative Science. Connect with Kate on Google+ and Twitter.

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