Ed Bolian’s Cannonball Run – A Data Nerd’s Dream

October 27, 2014 Dan Platt

One of the best parts of working at Narrative Science is the ability to use our own technology on cool data projects. On several occasions, I have stumbled across a dataset (in sports, government, and transportation to name a few) and used Quill to provide answers to the questions I have about the data.

One such occasion appeared last week, when Ed Bolian released all the data from his record-setting cross-country drive.

Someone else may find out that a guy drove from New York to California in under 29 hours, think it's cool and move on. For me, the first thought that came to mind was, “I wonder what the data looks like.”

So here it is:

Leading me instinctively to ask myself “I wonder what story Quill would write.”

And, the answer is here:

Ed Bolian's Cross-Country Drive

I used Quill to generate a story and embedded the story in an Esri Story Map.

We weren’t the only ones to do something interesting with Ed’s data, but most people went the visual route. Yet another proof point that machine-generated narratives truly enhance what can be gleaned from raw data!

Dan Platt is a Senior Content Architect at Narrative Science. Connect with Dan on Twitter.

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