It Takes Two: Helping Quill Tell Your Story

October 16, 2014 Keelin McDonell

At Narrative Science, we talk a lot about the advantages of using Quill to communicate the insights in your data. For our customers, the value proposition is a no-brainer: those terabytes of data you have won’t help your business much unless they tell you a clear, actionable story. Whether that story is how to re-allocate your investment portfolio or sell more hamburgers, it’s clear that the combination of data and natural language is a powerful one.

So how does Quill manage to interpret your data and communicate it in a natural way?

It has a lot to do with the team we put behind the technology. When customers work with Narrative Science, we assign members of our data and content architecture teams to work with them to make the most out of the software.

By pairing these two groups, we bring together the best of data analysis with expert communicators from the worlds of finance, marketing services, and more.

The collaboration of these two groups helps us make sure that our clients get the most value out of Quill.

The teams start every project by asking our client, “What are you trying to communicate, and to whom?” The answers may vary wildly, from summarizing investment trends over the previous quarter to recapping a little league baseball game to explaining the performance of your website. Quill can handle it all!

The next step is where Quill shines: identifying how to analyze the data for interesting movement, outliers and trends. Our data engineers and content architects help calibrate this analysis to fit our clients’ needs. And finally, Quill’s vocabulary is refined to express this analysis in a way that is perfect for both the topic and the audience of the content.

Quill can write insightfully about subjects ranging from baseball to portfolio commentary because it has learned from the best: true data and industry experts. It’s no wonder Quill is so smart — it combines the expertise of these two great teams!


Keelin McDonell is the Senior Director, Business Operations at Narrative Science. Connect with Keelin on Google + and Twitter.

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