Customize Quill Engage Reports with Microsoft Word

October 6, 2014 Mickey Rausch

Many of you have told us how valuable it would be to easily edit your weekly and monthly Quill Engage reports – and we listened.

We’re happy to announce that Quill Engage users can now easily export their reports into Microsoft Word, in addition to receiving a Word version of all reports that are scheduled for automated email delivery. The addition of Word will allow you to add comments and insights, edit language and even add branding elements to make each report your own.

Download reports into Word from your Quill Engage Dashboard.

Simply login to your Quill Engage account and visit your Dashboard by using the drop down menu in the upper right. Locate the profile you would like to see reporting for and click the “Download Word Doc” button. Your report will be available within the downloads file of your computer.

And as we mentioned, if you have set up your account to automatically email you a weekly and/or monthly Quill Engage report, your emails will now automatically include a Word doc attachment, making it very convenient to edit reports immediately.

Want to hear the BEST news?

There is no charge for this additional feature – Quill Engage is still FREE!

On a final note.

Quill Engage has just been added to the NEW Google Partner App Gallery. We invite you to rate your level of satisfaction and share comments for others to read.

For more information and to sign up for Quill Engage, visit: Please continue to send us your comments and feature requests. We appreciate all of the helpful feedback and insight you have already provided. Keep it coming!


Mickey Rausch is the Lead Support for Quill Engage at Narrative Science. Connect with Mickey on Google+ and Twitter.

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