Quill Engage User Q&A: Global Voices

September 25, 2014 Mickey Rausch

Solana Larsen is the Managing Editor for Global Voices, a non-profit online media organization dedicated to citizen media which provides reporting in over 30 languages. More than 800 people across 35 different countries contribute to the blogging community on a volunteer basis.

Q. How important is Google Analytics to your everyday work?

A. Google Analytics is the primary tool we use to measure metrics that are important for Global Voices. Our main objective is to gain more traffic. In fact, there’s lots of pressure to do so because the funding of Global Voices depends on it. We’re a non-profit organization and traffic is one of the main metrics to show we’re successful. It’s also a huge motivator for journalists who work for the site.

Q. How does Google Analytics add value to your business?

A. My team and I have various kinds of reporting to deliver to different audiences – all of which comes from Google Analytics. We provide reports to our editorial community weekly and monthly, to our board each quarter, and to our funders on an annual basis. When we apply for our funding, in particular, we define our key traffic metrics and what success means for Global Voices. For example, a year from now we want to have a specific number of readers per day, so we’ll discuss what our traffic is now and how it has grown over time, and then display those insights in a graph.

Q. How are you using Quill Engage internally?

A. We’re using Quill Engage to inform editors. Google Analytics can be too technically advanced if you’re unfamiliar with the tool. For those who don’t have an understanding of Google Analytics, and who may not get feedback on the performance of their site as often as I am able to provide, it’s especially nice to use Quill Engage to validate their efforts. We hope it serves as a motivational factor.

Q. Tell me about a day in your work life before and after QuillEngage. 

A. Before Quill Engage, I managed spreadsheets with information gathered from Google Analytics. We would perform our own analysis over time, and send out reports by email to community members, board members and funders. This required manual effort sifting through data in Google Analytics.

Anything that could alleviate having to go in and mess with GA is great. So when I first saw Quill Engage I was blown away. I immediately knew the tool would save us tons of time.

Now we’re able to supplement our reporting with Quill Engage insights, as well as add our own specific analytics that are important to our stakeholders.

Q. How would you quantify the value of Quill Engage?

A. Quill Engage is bound to become one of those everyday technologies you take for granted once you forget how many hours you used to spend pouring over Google Analytics manually, trying to make sense of the numbers.

At Global Voices, we are now able to share traffic reports automatically on a team that spans dozens of editors and hundreds of volunteer writers and translators working in more than 30 different languages. Thank you Quill Engage!

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By Mickey Rausch. Mickey is the Lead Support for Quill Engage at Narrative Science. Connect with Mickey on Google+ and Twitter.

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