Quill Engage User Q&A: Watchdog Wire

September 4, 2014 Mickey Rausch

We recently chatted with Quill Engage user Jackie Moreau, Managing Editor of watchdogwire.com, a citizen journalism platform that features investigative coverage of local and state government.

Q: How important is Google Analytics to your everyday work?

A: Google Analytics informs my digital content management strategy, allowing me to understand what stories have received the most hits, which topics are popular, how much time users are spending on the website, and how users are landing on Watchdog Wire.

Q: What is your biggest pain point using Google Analytics?

A: Google Analytics is an incredible tool with a wealth of information. However, the amount of information can be overwhelming. There are many rocks to be overturned to find some of the really valuable information. It can be difficult for first-time users to parse through.

Q: How would you quantify the value of Quill Engage?

A: The weekly and monthly reports I automatically receive from Quill Engage are especially helpful because I actually oversee all of our websites.

Watchdog Wire has 13 state-specific sites that each have editors I manage. I have signed up every editor through the Quill Engage application to receive both the monthly and weekly reports so they can look at their website’s web analytics easily as well.

The time it saves me and my team is significant – at least 3 hours each week. Translation? That’s almost an entire month each year!

Q: Looking back at past Quill Engage reports, was there something in particular that stood out to you?

A: The referral section in the Quill Engage report is very helpful because it specifically tells you the websites that are driving traffic to your site in order of volume.

It also conveniently compares all of your analytics to the previous month and suggests what those numbers indicate. Some of those recommendations were not obvious to me.

For example: “New visitors spent about 2.7 fewer minutes on your site than returning visitors did last week. This could indicate that your new visitors didn’t find the information they needed or came to the site expecting something else.”

Q: If you had to sum up your experience with Quill Engage in a few sentences, what would you say?

A: Quill Engage is a huge time saver for people who work in the world of Google Analytics and manage a lot of digital content. Quill Engage will be especially helpful for people who are just getting started with Google Analytics.

Quill Engage puts a bevy of information into polished, readable language.

Sign up for Quill Engage and receive instant insight on your Google Analytics data. Sign up is fast and free!



By Mickey Rausch. Mickey is the Lead Support for Quill Engage at Narrative Science. Connect with Mickey on Google+ and Twitter.

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