3 Narrative Science Engineers Doing Cool Stuff

August 5, 2014 Kate Furey

We’re not too humble to admit we have pretty cool employees at Narrative Science. Sure, we may be slightly biased, but take a read through what three of our engineers are up to and you be the judge.

Dr. Craig Booth is just Craig to his coworkers, a super friendly guy (just look at his photo) with a great British accent. In addition to being a Data Engineer at Narrative Science, Craig also analyzes sports data to create interesting stories and accompanying visualizations. Craig’s analysis and visualizations, such as the changing median weights of NFL quarterbacks since 1950, have been featured in prominent publications, including The Washington Post, The Denver Post, and Business Insider. By looking at the visualization below, we see a spike in quarterback weight in the mid to late 80’s, which corresponds in the surge of steroid use in the NFL. To learn more about Craig’s work visit his website.

Zac Ernst, Narrative Science Software Engineer, has a PhD in philosophy and is a former professor at the University of Missouri and Florida State. Zac was recently featured in The Atlantic in the article, “What Do Philosophers Do? Outside of Academia, that is.”, for applying his skill set as a philosopher to his engineering role with Narrative Science. How cool is that?

In July, Zac presented at an INFORMS Chicago Chapter Meetup, providing a behind the scenes look at Narrative Science technology, showcasing some new and innovative projects he has been focused on. The crowd was the largest the INFORMS group has drawn to date.

Matt Trahan, a fellow Software Engineer, is focusing his extra curricular activities on helping build a strong community of engineers in Chicago. Last week, Matt donated his time to lead a class at the Startup Institute Chicago, an 8-week long, intensive training program offering several different tracks including Product and Design, Technical Marketing, Sales and Account Management, and Web Development. His session, teaching students on the web development track, focused on running Ruby applications in the Cloud, specifically AWS.


By Kate Furey. Kate Furey is a Marketing Manager at Narrative Science. Connect with Kate on Google+ and Twitter.

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