Companies See AI as an Opportunity, Not a Threat

June 12, 2015 Katy De Leon

Since there are many misconceptions about the impact artificial intelligence (AI) is having in the enterprise, we conducted a survey to set the story straight.

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After receiving responses from over 200 C-Level execs, data scientists, and business-line managers, the survey showed that people are not worried about AI harming us or stealing our jobs — a stark contrast to the sensational headlines we see everyday which paint robot doomsday scenarios.  Rather, respondents feel that AI-powered solutions turn technology into our true partner; empowering employees to be more productive, creative and better at what they do.

At 80 percent, the overwhelming majority welcome AI. Respondents recognize that AI will be used to augment work and that enterprises are aware of the potential business benefits of having consistent, on-demand information that improves decision making. Embracing AI along with Big Data technologies will help to achieve this goal.

Here are some of the additional insights the report uncovered as to how organizations are using AI and Big Data together.

  • 58% of respondents’ organizations use Big Data technologies; 31% (the highest respondent percentage) reported that data visualization apps were the most commonly used data analytics technology in their businesses.
  • 58% of the respondents using Big Data technologies also have AI deployed; 32% (the highest respondent percentage) of these report that voice recognition and response solutions are the most widely used AI solutions in their businesses.
  • 49% (the highest respondent percentage) of those using AI and Big Data reported that they use AI for automated communications that provide business audiences with data used to make effective decisions; 14% (the second highest respondent percentage) also use AI for automating communications to consumer audiences.
  • 59% of organizations using AI and Big Data technologies together consider themselves to be highly effective at turning data into information that can solve problems; while 53% of organizations using only Big Data technologies consider themselves to be not effective to only moderately effective at producing problem-solving information.

To get a copy of the report in its entirety, simply download here.

Katy De Leon is the V.P. of Marketing at Narrative Science. Connect with Katy on Google+ and Twitter.

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