3 Things HBO’s Silicon Valley Teaches Us About Working At A Startup

June 25, 2015 Kate Furey

silicon-valley-castIn my house, Sunday nights mean premium TV watching and currently in my weekly-anticipated line up is HBO’s Silicon Valley.

Maybe I’m partial to the show because I can relate to working in a startup environment, although the Narrative Science office is a much better environment than Erlich’s ranch. When I laugh at certain jokes, my husband will give me a look and I’ll shrug saying, “you wouldn’t get it, you don’t work at a startup.”

Let’s just say there are a lot of differences between the goings on of Pied Piper versus Narrative Science, but we can certainly draw some parallels, three of which I outline below.

1. Be Agile

I’m a marketer, not an engineer, but I believe that the term ‘be agile’ applies to every employee at Narrative Science or any startup. Things change and can change quickly. The road to success isn’t always a straight line, and navigating the turns is necessary if not imperative. In my opinion, being adaptable and open to those changes is key to success.

In this innovation driven economy, going from ideation to execution quickly is key. Being agile transformed an idea at Northwestern University’s Artificial Intelligence Lab 5 years ago to an enterprise company servicing 70 customers today.

2. Collaborate

Nothing gets done unless you work together. One of the best attributes of the Narrative Science culture is the collaborative environment. For example, when an annoying marketer needs some HTML advice from a busy engineer – said engineer is glad to help and maybe even teaches the marketer some things in the process.

Our team doesn’t just collaborate when it comes to business initiatives. There is also a strong presence of collaboration with ‘extracurricular’ activities. Take the 2015 Divvy Data Challenge that Product Manager, Dan Platt, and Software Engineer, Craig Booth, won with their collaboration of the Divvy Bike Story application – check it out.

3. Enjoy the Ride

Although it doesn’t always seem like the Pied Piper guys are having fun, it’s evident that they are passionate about the technology and creating a successful company. At Narrative Science our team works incredibly hard and is certainly passionate. But I also believe that the team truly enjoys each others’ company, enjoying the success that we’ve had to date together.

If all this sounds appealing to you, we encourage you to peruse our careers page and check out our available opportunities.

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